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12 December 2019 | by Aimee Pearcy

What You Should Know About the Coming of 5G

There has always been a level of public opposition to cellular technology, but the voices of dissent have been rising significantly since the introduction into the public lexicon of 5G, one of the biggest buzzwords of 2019.

28 November 2019 | by Samer Buna

The Mistakes I Made As a Beginner Programmer

Learn to identify them, make habits to avoid them. Let me make one thing clear first. If you are a beginner programmer, this article is not meant to make you feel bad about the mistakes that you might be making but rather to make you aware of them, teach you to spot signs of them, and remind you to avoid them.

4 November 2019 | by Ariel Jakubowski

Popular JavaScript Array Methods

The greatest hits, all in one place

4 November 2019 | by Michael Henderson

It’s Never Too Late to Become a Programmer

Every day is a learning process regardless of how long you’ve been programming. The internet is flooded with posts from people who wish they could set the clock back to the good ol’ days when they were a young whippersnapper.

31 October 2019 | by Suzanne Scacca

Signs Your Website Feels More Like A Haunted House Than A Welcoming Home

What is it that makes a haunted house feel so disturbing? Is it the fact that it’s been long abandoned? That it’s riddled with dark and twisty hallways? That it simulates danger? Or maybe it’s the low-quality construction that makes people nervous? We’re going to take these frightening characteristics and spin them around for the web. After all, what is a website, but a digital house? (Let’s just make sure yours doesn’t feel haunted!)

29 October 2019 | by Domenico Nicoli

5 UI-Related iOS Libraries to Use On Your App

Funny sliders, a stunning effect for labels, a table empty-view placeholder, and more

21 October 2019 | by Indrek Lasn

The Secret to Being a Top Developer Is Building Things! Here’s a List of Fun Apps to Build!

You can only become a great developer by putting the effort in. Imagine for a moment. You can’t become physically fit by reading a lot about fitness. You actually need to go to the gym and put in the hours and sweat! The same concept applies to code

04 October 2019 | by Jonathan Fulton

Web Architecture 101

The basic architecture concepts I wish I knew when I was getting started as a web developer. If you’re not an experienced web developer, you’ll likely find it complicated. The walk through below should make it more approachable before we dive into the details of each component.

02 August 2018 | by Ben Frain

Designing And Building A Progressive Web Application Without A Framework

This article concludes a three-part series about the trials and tribulations of designing and writing a basic web application with vanilla JavaScript. In part one we covered the why, part two dealt mostly with the how and this part concludes by looking at how the project was drawn to a close and what was learned from the experience.

02 August 2018 | by Sandeep Sharma

10 Responsive Web Design Tips to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

In this digital era, you cannot ignore the fact that many people are visiting your website on their tablets and smartphones. If your website is not responsive or mobile friendly by now, chances are you are losing a large number of visitors. Therefore, it is always a good idea to embrace responsive design.

02 August 2018 | by Jes Kirkwood

11 powerful examples of responsive web design

Rather than tailoring disconnected designs to each of an ever-increasing number of web devices, we can treat them as facets of the same experience. We can make our designs more adaptive to the media that renders them.



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