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Five UI-Related iOS Libraries to Use On Your App

Funny sliders, a stunning effect for labels, a table empty-view placeholder, and more

1. Balloon-picker


Balloon-picker is a lightweight library that creates a funny slider control with just a few lines of code.


Basically, to get started just instantiate via code a BalloonPickerView (you can also set it in Storyboard) and track value changes with the valueChanged event.


2. GlitchLabel


GlitchLabel will transform your boring label into a new stunning one with a glitch effect.

What do I mean by glitch? A glitch is a temporary fault in a system, and the term is usually used in a computing/electronics/video-games context.

You can find the code the developer provides on the github repository.

3. EmptyStateKit


Let’s be honest: Nobody likes an empty table/collection view. Usually, when we are in this situation we don’t know what to do.

For example, what if we were to make a search and we find ourselves left with an empty screen. What does this mean? That there are no results? That the app is still searching? That there was a connection error? By using EmptyStateKit, we’ll no longer have this problem.


4. KCustomAlert


Stop using the default alert controller.

By using the KCustomAlert library, you can create four different cool customizable alerts:

  • Alert with a message
  • Alert with a message and a description
  • Alert with a message, a description, and additional image icons
  • Alert with a message, two buttons, and a description
  • krishnads/KCustomAlert

    5. LMGaugeViewSwift


    This last library displays a gauge (like a speedometer or a loading indicator) using Core Graphics and Core Animation for the best performance,

    It supports the Interface Builder and allows the developer to customize a lot of things and settings.



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