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Top Web Design Trends 2020

If you don’t follow the highest web design trends, you risk losing an excellent opportunity to supply your customers with a singular online website. Here is our top of the foremost promising design solution that you simply will see during the year 2020.


Oversized type and elements

This year designers use large and visual elements to draw in your attention to products on the web site . you'll meet such elements everywhere at the page, including headlines, images, videos and menus. Oversized elements don't only catch the eyes of tourists but also help to deliver the aim of your business. But you would like to recollect that your page shouldn’t contain too many elements since it can damage the loading speed and appearance sort of a mess.


Animations, Integrated GIFs and Dynamic Illustrations

What else can damage loading speed? Definitely videos. They were popular for several years and not the industry offers something new — animation. Designers prefer using bright animated banners and pictures rather than heavy videos. Using custom illustrations and GIF files, you'll add some uniqueness to your website and show the creativity of your brand.


Ecommerce Design

The ecommerce design approach needs significant attention. It should deliver clear messages to customers and supply them with all the required services and products they need . the most ecommerce design trends stand still and aren't getting to change — they're usability, speed and ease .


Attractive Dynamic Landing Pages

Have you read the previous trends? If yes, you already understand that static pages aren't trendy in 2020. Add dynamic blocks like js / css animation and other interactive elements to your sites to encourage users to form actions.


3D Artworks and Elements

Flat images are moving away in 2020 and provides the ground to volume ones during a new form. 3D elements now are wont to create a depth effect. They act not just like the main components but add additional eye-catching elements to let visitors keep watching the page. Web designers contrast typography with empty spaces at the layout.

Here was just alittle list of fresh web design solutions that only continue to grow in popularity. But you already might find such elements and more on the highest websites. However, it doesn’t mean that designers don't use already working solutions. There also are many old trends that aren't getting to lose their popularity. Let’s see what they are!

Ongoing Web Design Trends

One tendency got its attention a few years ago and isn't getting to leave the online design industry — adaptive design. The trend focuses on differing types of devices. regardless of what sizes and shapes of smartphones and desktops your customers use, your website should look perfect on any.

Among ongoing web design trends are often mentioned chatbots — programs developed to simulate dialogues between users and support team. The trend on chatbots might sound unusual within the top but only designers skills to use and present them right. When your business is growing, you get more customers who need answers to varied questions like “How to order a product? Are your payments gateways secure? or Where is your brick and mortar store?” along side the FAQ page, you'll use chatbots which may not only communicate with customers but also process orders, book tickets also as process payments.

Brutalism — another one trend that's worth attention in 2020. The brutal style is characterized by the shortage of smooth lines and therefore the dominance of square and rectangular shapes. Designers avoid small design elements and check out to use a minimum of details. So, the trend has something in common with the newest one focused on oversized elements.

In the article, we’ve represented only a couple of ongoing and new trends of 2020. to form sure that your website is according to current tendencies, determine more ideas here and obtain an in depth example of every trend. And remember that style is experiments — mixing various styles and elements, you'll get something spectacular!




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