Mobile Apps Marketing Strategy we must implement

According to, there are around 3 millions mobile apps released through the Google play store and around 5 millions mobile apps (both game & non-game) released through the App store in July 2021.

Based on the statistics above, we are aware of the high competition of similar mobile apps in the market. Companies have to come out with something to shine among the competitors and grab the audiences.

So, while focusing on our mobile app development, we should plan on boosting our mobile app marketing strategy. For that, understanding the best strategies to market our mobile app is crucial. It will help our mobile app stand out and reach the right audience.

Let’s hoop into it.


13 Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategies


  1. Identify our target audience
  2. Research our competitors
  3. Do pre-launch promotions
  4. Prepare our press kit
  5. App Store Optimisation
  6. Get feedback from users
  7. Do Content Marketing
  8. Be active on social media
  9. Enable push notifications
  10. Use social media influencers
  11. Leverage SEO
  12. Make the mobile app shareable
  13. Monitor our mobile app performance


1. Identify our target audience


Identifying our target audience is essential before we start developing mobile apps. If we don’t know who is supposed to benefit from using our mobile app, then we defeated the purpose of developing it.

So, if we plan to create a mobile app, we should know the specific set of people we are trying to reach. For example, understand their age group, lifestyle, their interests, spending habits, etc.

And find out the media platforms where our target audience is most active and promote our mobile app on those platforms. This will help us market our app effectively among our target audience.


2. Research our competitors


Another point that we should never miss. We should also be looking at our competitors. If we are planning to develop a mobile app, look at what has worked for them. And if we see any of our competitors have already tried a marketing technique and failed, we can avoid making the same mistake.

Understanding their tactics will also help us create effective strategies for marketing our mobile app.

Also, it helps us to avoid stepping into the same market with the same tactics and being seen as an imitation.

We should understand that knowing our market is not just about knowing our audience. It is also about understanding what our competitors or peers have been doing. So that we will remain relevant and original.


3. Do pre-launch promotions


We consider starting the app marketing strategies after launching our product. But, depending upon how confident we are about the mobile app, it is often better to do pre-launch promotions.

Many mobile apps fall behind when businesses don’t make effective marketing plans right before the launch. The app store is crowded. So, we need to grow our customer base and stand out from others by promoting our mobile app before its launch.

We can follow many strategies like releasing a short video, running surveys, creating a buzz on social media, etc., to promote our mobile app. This can create excitement among customers and lead to one of the most efficient marketing strategies like word-of-mouth promotions.


4. Prepare our press kits


Collect all the crucial information about our application that the audience should know. Then, prepare our press kits and send the details to the. It will spread awareness of our mobile app and gain free exposure.

The more the relevancy of the information that people receive, the better the promotion will be.


5. App Store Optimisation


It is estimated that over half of the people find and download mobile apps only by searching through the app stores. So, creating a useful store page is significant, and it plays a vital role in our startup mobile app marketing.

While creating the store page, we should optimise our mobile app with an appealing icon, descriptive title, high-quality screenshots, detailed description, using keywords wisely, mobile app preview video, and more that will help us stand out.

A proper app store optimisation strategy will help our mobile app to outperform and find a position in the top 10 list.


6. Get feedback from users


Feedback from our potential users plays an essential part in the success of our mobile app. Even though we make our app store pages as appealing as possible, it doesn’t mean that we have a sale. People would look at the reviews of previous users before they download our mobile app.

So, an independent third party like a user review plays a crucial part in our brand’s promotion. For this reason, we just do not read the reviews. Instead, we should analyse them and respond to the reviews, if any.

This will also help us fix bugs on the mobile app and improve customer experience. Better customer service means our mobile app will become more popular and boost our brand awareness.

In addition, it will enhance our mobile app’s rating that impacts the ranking in search, which can increase the chance for downloads.


7. Do Content Marketing


We need to do content marketing on guest blogging sites and other platforms apart from the company blog. It guarantees results as it will help us reach our competitor’s audience and others.

We can also post videos on YouTube as it is one of the best mobile app marketing strategies. For example, we can create “How-to” videos to guide our user about the working of our mobile app, the best ways to use its features, and more.

Guiding our users on how to use the mobile app will be more efficient than just highlighting its features. It will improve the chance of getting more downloads.


8. Be active on social media


As our intention is marketing our mobile app, we should not miss any social media activity. According to statistic, users spent an hour and 22 minutes on social media every day in 2020.

So, it is smart to post regularly on social media and use the platform for more than just raising our product awareness.

With the help of social media, we can build a community and get user reviews directly. So, they don’t need to contact us in-app or through our website.

Positive feedback will motivate others to download our mobile app. And if we receive any negative feedback, respond to them immediately, saying that we will take care of the issues. This helps us build trust with our users.

We can include blogs, discussion threads, competitions, etc., as content for our social media channels. Always use the right channel to promote our mobile app.

For gaming apps, we can try the YouTube platform. The mechanics of YouTube will help us place the game link immediately below the video in the first line of description. It improves our chances of getting more clicks.


9. Enable push notifications


Enabling push notifications is one of the effective ways to promote our mobile app. It helps us to keep our mobile app at the forefront of users minds and help boost engagement rates.

According to statistics, push notifications have been shown to increase user retention, and show an increase anywhere from 56% to 180%. So naturally, a higher retention rate means a better ranking in the app store.

By strategically using push notifications with an official opt-in message, giving users updates about our mobile app, leveraging personalised content, etc., we can always stay connected with our potential users and keep them engaged.

We can also offer our users an incentive to use our mobile app, like specialised content access, special promotions, coupons, and other offers that will help boost conversion rates and encourage engagement.


10. Use social media influencers


According to the statistics, nearly 49% of consumers depend on recommendations from influencers when it comes to downloading a mobile app.

Modern social media marketing is closely linked to influencer marketing. It is a way to promote our mobile app or products and services with the help of influential individuals.

Influencer marketing plays a crucial role in multi-channel product promotion. These influencers can spread the word about our product on various channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

So, collaborating with genuine influencers to promote our mobile app can be a smart move to increase downloads on our startup mobile app.


11. Leverage SEO


Never forget the power of applying the proper SEO tactics. People will use hashtags and search engines if they want to know more about our mobile app. By applying the right SEO strategies, we can make sure that people will quickly find the information that they are looking for. Of course, that applies to the app store and general search engines like Google.

Try to apply SEO to all our marketing efforts. For example, use proper keywords, provide meta-description, etc., in our blogs and videos. It can help improve the visibility of our mobile app.


12. Make the mobile app shareable


Developing the mobile app with user-first intent is important for a successful startup. So, we should make it easy for users to share our mobile app with their friends, family, etc.

We can ask our mobile app development partner to incorporate native elements for easy sharing on social media platforms and others. This is a brilliant mobile app marketing strategy that can help make our mobile app go viral instantly.


13. Monitor our mobile app performance


Our mobile app success should be tied to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It will help measure our mobile app performance. KPIs factor in campaign performance, and in-app activity matters most to our goals.

With the help of KPIs, we will get a clear picture of how well our mobile app is performing and the areas we need to improve.

Important KPIs include:

  • The number of active users (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost Per Install (CPI)
  • Cost Per Mille (CPM)
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Retention Rate
  • Churn

At the same time, we should also monitor the analytics of our marketing efforts. For example, if we think some strategies like videos are working more than others, then put more effort into those working tactics, and cut down the less effective ones.

However, to improve our performance, try alternative routes, review our customer feedback, and monitor our performance. It will help us figure out what works and what not to promote our mobile app.




Marketing our product is equally important as developing our product. It helps create a path, make our movement more effortless, and helps us reach more customers in a short span of time. And the key to efficient marketing is to target relevant platforms.

Start pre-launch promotions, gain user reviews, use influencer marketing, and monitor our mobile app performance. Then make further improvements. It enables us to improve our brand visibility, build authority and credibility, stand out from our competitors, and more.


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